Boulder Farmer’s Market Opens Saturday, April 6th

We’ll see you there!


Mama Vincenza Laudisio

A culinary experience

Antonio Laudisio, local celebrity chef, and his team of talented food enthusiasts bring you their handcrafted, mobile, wood-fired oven and a unique catering experience of superior rustic cuisine that makes any event a celebration of community. Working with local farmers and producers, Laudisio Mobile has developed their own twist on the Farm-to-Table movement.


Antonio's Philosophy on food

My view of taste is simplicity, based on an intergenerational southern Italian tradition … simple local ingredients augmented with touches of old world gifts, such as olive oil, cheese, and wine. 

Generations of fishing and farming in southern Italy have instilled in me a deep understanding that the land and ocean provide the flavor; you need only highlight it. 

As my mother said, “Remove your ego and allow the food to shine on its own.”

Example: Pesce al limone   A warm white platter, freshly caught fish, grilled near an open fire, drizzled with olive oil, thyme from the garden, a few sprigs of parsley, a touch of sea salt and a wedge of lemon.  The whole dish makes it on the freshness and the taste of the fish.   The more one puts on the fish, the more one loses the taste of the ocean. 

“Deve sentire il mare in bocca.”  You have to taste the ocean in your mouth.